"Alone In My Apartment" [B​.​I​.​S. Field Recording]

by Jeffy H. [Body Inflation Sequence]

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Nearly 6 hours of gritty depressing ambient static// boring as all fuck
unless you know that this 3 part release is a continuous analog audio
recording (painstakingly converted to digital) is a compilation field
recording of my living room in my Austin TX apartment during a sleepless
night, precisely between 1:13 AM and sometime shortly after 7AM on an
October morning. You can hear me grappling with the VCR in the very
beginning of the track shortly after I hit play because it was flashing and it
was keeping me awake, but it wouldn't matter because I'd just finished
watching Iron Man on DVD and I'd stay awake for the next 6 hours laying
silently on the couch tending to the tape deck as it recorded me sleeplessly shifting, clearing my throat, crying in frustration, sobbing
quietly to myself as I anxiously try to fall asleep. Includes obnoxious changes in volume as I annoyingly adjust the TV volume levels, I grunt and moan, toss and turn, cough and cry, and lay awake and nonverbal for about 6 hours and you can hear the DVD title music playing basically the entire time.
Anyways, it's a little weird, it makes me anxious to listen to this because
it makes me remember how dejected I was that I couldn't get to sleep that
night but I think it speaks to all of us who have ever had even one sleepless
night or maybe even those who suffer insomnia will find this unnerving
or something I don't know. It's not really harsh noise, but this is still
Body Inflation Sequence in the purest essence. Esoteric, subversive, and depressive.


released December 21, 2015

Jeffy Hardman - Composer



all rights reserved


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